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Used by over 250 companies

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Our customers

Our customers are companies that rely on electricity. Over 150 European producers, suppliers and retailers along with over 100 consumers such as industries, real estate companies, municipalities and regions use NetMW today.

Why? Here’s what some of our users think.

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NetMW is a software system for producers, consumers and retailers of electricity – hosted by us and accessed by you over the internet as a subscription service.

Show prices, handle requests and report back to your clients through the system. NetMW prices your products from your curves and profiles in real-time.

Are you a portfolio manager? Check out the tools that simplify risk management and save time!

NetMW contains a lot of mathematical algorithms: It builds forward curves for power prices and currency rates, it calculates volume risks and profile risks, it lets you specify your own power products and adjusts its calculations to their specifications, and much more. And it lets you trade electronically with your partners.

In short – NetMW lets you know your power.

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CaeSaR calculates risk using Nasdaq SPAN®.

Simulate your daily margin requirement, see how your variation margin changes when your position changes and determine how sensitive your portfolio’s risk is to market price movements. Or if you manage portfolios for clients, let CaeSaR distribute the total risk among your clients as if each had had their own clearing account.

CaeSaR can import positions from Nasdaq clearing accounts. Or you can feed it input data from a trade list. CaeSaR gives you risk intervals, variation margin and market value as well as greeks and Value-at-Risk.

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CaeSar product

NetMW tutorials

We of course aim at making NetMW self-explanatory! But we’ve also put together some tutorials. You find them here and on our Youtube channel. We hope you find them useful!


Continuous learning is vital for keeping up with the ever-changing power market. Increasing renewable production revolutionizes the market’s behaviour. Society is leaping into a new era of electrification. Government regulations change. At MarketMath, we keep track of what’s new and what’s next.

We apply math, statistics and computer science to this knowledge, for the benefit of our systems’ users. And we teach.

For example, we hold the risk management part of the Certified Power Trader programme, an education initiative signed Nasdaq Commodities, Nord Pool and Energiföretagen Sverige. The course is available in Swedish and English, organized by Energiföretagen Sverige and Adato Energia respectively.


About us

MarketMath Europe AB was founded in 2001 with a vision to bring top math and tech to the Nordic power market. Our mission: to provide the best software out there for managing bilateral power contracts.

Today, more than 250 European power companies and producers use our systems and large volumes are handled electronically by our platform every day.

Three good reasons to choose our web-based service NetMW:
Electronic platform for bilateral power deals.
Real-time pricing of your tailor-made power products. Immediately available to your clients.
Hassle-free handling of reports and settlement. Minimizes your administration workload.

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